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The Amesbury Archer 20 Years On

Wessex Archaeology have published an interesting article “THE AMESBURY ARCHER: 20 YEARS ON” with some recent posts and news items from the past when Wessex Archaeology excavated the grave of a man who became known as The Amesbury Archer

“On the 3rd of May 2002 Wessex Archaeology excavated the grave of a man dating to around 2,300BC. Discovered three miles from Stonehenge his grave contained the richest array of items ever found from this period. Around 100 objects were found, including the complete skeleton of a man, three copper knives, two small gold hair ornaments, two wristguards to protect his wrists from the bow string, 16 flint arrowheads and five pots.

The Amesbury Archer’s grave is closely associated with that of another younger man, known as the ‘Companion’, buried just three metres away.

Now, 20 years on, subsequent years of research and development mean we continue to learn and discover more about the life of a man at the centre of Early Bronze Age society.”

Link to full article:

The Amesbury Archer

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