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Ancient Wessex News and Information

Marlow Warlord Anglo Saxon Burial Uncovered in North East Wessex

The burial, on a hilltop site near Marlow with views over the surrounding Thames valley, must be of 6th century AD, archaeologists from the University of Reading believe.

The ‘Marlow Warlord’ was a commanding, six-foot-tall man, buried alongside an array of expensive luxuries and weapons, including a sword in a decorated scabbard, spears, bronze and glass vessels, and other personal accoutrements.

The pagan burial had remained undiscovered and undisturbed for more than 1,400 years until two metal detectorists, Sue and Mick Washington came across the site in 2018.

Sue and other members of the Maidenhead Search Society metal detecting club had visited the site on several locations, where she initially uncovered two bronze bowls. The metal detectorist registered the find with the Portable Antiquities Scheme, run by the U.K. Government and the British Museum, which undertook its own excavation, unearthing two bronze spearheads.

The bowls, which were donated by Sue, and the spearheads, are set to go on display in the Buckinghamshire Museum in Aylesbury.

Recognising the importance of the burial and the need for more detailed archaeological investigation, a team led by the Department of Archaeology at the University of Reading carried out a full survey and excavation in August 2020.

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