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Climate change sea risk to coastal castles

Coastal castles that have stood for hundreds of years are at risk from climate change warns English Heritage. It is appealing for money to repair walls and improve sea defences […]

The Amesbury Archer 20 Years On

Wessex Archaeology have published an interesting article “THE AMESBURY ARCHER: 20 YEARS ON” with some recent posts and news items from the past when Wessex Archaeology excavated the grave of […]

Cerdic of Wessex First Saxon King of England

Mark Johnston writing on Ancient Origins has published an interesting article “The Question of Ancient Kings: Cerdic of Wessex, First Saxon King of England?”. “According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle , […]

Anglo-Saxon burial site uncovered in Buckinghamshire

Archaeologists working on HS2 have made discoveries of national significance, uncovering an Anglo-Saxon burial site in Wendover, Buckinghamshire. Almost three quarters of the graves contained high quality grave goods, suggesting […]

Roman wooden figure uncovered in Buckinghamshire

An early Roman rare wooden carved figure has been discovered during work on the HS2 project. In July 2021, archaeologists from Infra Archaeology, working for HS2’s contractor Fusion JV, removed […]

Stonehenge Moved to Wessex From Wales ?

The BBC reports that achaeologists who uncovered the remains of the Waun Mawn site in Pembrokeshire’s Preseli Hills, believe the stones could have been dismantled and rebuilt 150 miles (240 […]

Stonehenge A303 tunnel plan approved

The proposed A303 Stonehenge tunnel project has been approved by the UK the Secretary State for Transport. The road will see a new section of dual carriageway added to the […]

Salisbury Sites 40 years of Wessex Archaeology excavations

Wessex Archaeology have posted an interesting news article “Salisbury Sites: 40 years of Wessex Archaeology excavations”. “Since 1980, when an embryonic Wessex Archaeology was formed, archaeologists have been recovering information […]

Study Suggests Stonehenge Built to Amplify Sound

A new study, carried out by acoustics engineers from the University of Salford in Greater Manchester suggests that Stonehenge was built to amplify sound. In the first modelling of Stonehenge […]

The History of Wessex Video

Interesting map video – The History of Wessex by Ollie Bye on You Tube. “Around 495 CE, a Saxon chieftain named Cerdic arrived in Britain, and by 519 CE had […]

Roman Mosaic in Dorset at Risk of Export

UK Culture Minister Caroline Dinenage has placed a temporary export bar on a panel of mosaic from a Roman villa at Dewlish, Dorset, excavated by WG Putman between 1969-1979. The […]

Aethelwulf King of Wessex

ALEKSA VUČKOVIĆ writing on Ancient Origins has published an interesting article “The Reign of Aethelwulf, King of Wessex: Between Realm and Religion”. “Early historians often dismissed Aethelwulf’s reign as uneventful […]

The Land of the English Kin

Twenty-nine studies, covering a wide range of themes, present the most up-to-date thinking on the history, archaeology and toponymy of Anglo-Saxon England, with particular attention to Wessex, in honour of […]

Anglo-Saxon Buildings Found Under Bath Abbey

Buildings found during excavations at Bath Abbey are the first Anglo-Saxon stone structures to be identified within Bath, and may belong to the monastery where Edgar was crowned as first […]

Dorchester Roman Town House Improvement Work

Work has been progressing on the Roman Town House in Dorchester, with a £248,000 grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Dorset Council officers and archaeologists from Context One Heritage […]

Neolithic monument found near Durrington Walls

Neolithic monument found near Durrington Walls

A previously undiscovered 2 km wide circle of prehistoric shafts has been found near Stonehenge. They surround the ancient settlement of Durrington Walls, about 3 km from Stonehenge. The shafts […]

Ancient burials found at Somerton Somerset

Archaeologists working on the Somerset County Council-owned, land at the site of a new school have discovered some 50 burials dating from the Roman period (43-410 AD) on the site […]

The Ancient Ways of Wessex

The Ancient Ways of Wessex Travel and Communication in an Early Medieval Landscape is a 256 page book written by Alex Langlands and published by Windgather Press, that tells the […]

Wessex Archaeology Recording Experiment at Bulford

In late 2015 Wessex Archaeology started the excavation of a large Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Bulford which presented the opportunity to carry out some tests to investigate the best, most cost-effective […]

Wessex Archaeology Excavation at Hucclecote

An excavation by Wessex Archaeology West in Hucclecote, Gloucester sought to establish whether a site at the Hucclecote Centre, in Chuchdown Lane had some relationship with a known Roman villa […]

Stonehenge Road Tunnel

A controversial plan for a 1.8 mile road tunnel for the A303 where it passes Stonehenge has been finalised by the government, after years of delays. The tunnel forms part […]

Double Henge Found at Bulford

Archaeologists have found a unique double henge at Bulford, the only known example in Britain. The double henge is within a few miles of a recently discovered ceremonial gathering place […]

Causewayed enclosure discovered near Stonehenge

A prehistoric complex has been recently discovered near the Stonehenge & Avebury World Heritage Site. Located at Larkhill, Wiltshire, just 1.5 miles (2.4 km) north of Stonehenge, the newly discovered […]

Bronze Age wheel found at Must Farm

A 3,000-year-old complete Bronze Age wheel has been found at Must Farm in Cambridgeshire. The 3ft-diameter (one metre) wooden wheel dates from about 1,100 to 800 BC. Archaeologists described the […]

Britains Bronze Age ‘Pompeii’

The UK’s best preserved Bronze Age dwellings, including roundhouses have been found at a Cambridgeshire quarry. The archaeological site, with artefacts dating about 1,000-800 BC, at Must Farm quarry near […]

Origins of Wessex Research

The School of Archaeology at the University of Oxford is engaged in a research project “The Origins of Wessex” focusing on the kingdom, of the West Saxons. The aim of […]

Stonehenge Neolithic Houses

As part of the visitor centre at Stonehenge, English Heritage commissioned Dorset Archaeologists from Dorset County Council’s Ancient Technology Centre (ATC) in Cranborne, to build authentic Neolithic houses and help […]

Salisbury Museum Wessex Gallery

Salisbury Museum’s new Wessex Gallery showcases over 2,500 rare objects which tell the story of early Britain from the ancient Britons and Beaker people through to the Roman invasion and […]

The Wessex Centre for History and Archaeology

Founded in 2004, the Wessex Centre for History and Archaeology (WCHA) encourages and co-ordinates research within the Wessex region (defined as the historic counties of Dorset, Hampshire, and Wiltshire). The […]

Iron Age settlement found in Devon

One of Britain’s biggest and best-preserved prehistoric settlements has been unearthed near Plymouth in Devon, reports the Western Morning News. The excavation is one of the largest investigations of its […]