Salisbury Plain Training Area dig produces rich finds

Military veterans taking part in an archaeological dig at an Anglo-Saxon burial site have uncovered the “richest grave found this year”, reports the BBC The dig on the Salisbury Plain Training Area has unearthed a […]

National Highways appoints team for A303 Stonehenge upgrade

National Highways has appointed a team to deliver the proposed A303 Stonehenge upgrade, the joint venture comprises include FCC Construcción, WeBuild and BeMo Tunnelling. The announcement follows a 2 ½ year procurement process with shortlisted […]

Was Athelstan England’s First King

Robbie Mitchell writing on Ancient Origins has published an interesting article, “Was Athelstan England’s First and Greatest King?” “Britain has had more than sixty monarchs over the centuries. Some have been good; some have been […]

Climate change sea risk to coastal castles

Coastal castles that have stood for hundreds of years are at risk from climate change warns English Heritage. It is appealing for money to repair walls and improve sea defences against storms and bigger, more […]

The Amesbury Archer 20 Years On

Wessex Archaeology have published an interesting article “THE AMESBURY ARCHER: 20 YEARS ON” with some recent posts and news items from the past when Wessex Archaeology excavated the grave of a man who became known […]

Cerdic of Wessex First Saxon King of England

Mark Johnston writing on Ancient Origins has published an interesting article “The Question of Ancient Kings: Cerdic of Wessex, First Saxon King of England?”. “According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle , Cerdic of Wessex did, indeed, […]

DANEBURY – Past and Present Footsteps exhibition

Andover Museum and Museum of the Iron Age open a new exhibition DANEBURY – Past and Present Footsteps on view 8 June until 17 July 2022. DANEBURY – Past and Present Footsteps brings together over […]

Anglo-Saxon burial site uncovered in Buckinghamshire

Archaeologists working on HS2 have made discoveries of national significance, uncovering an Anglo-Saxon burial site in Wendover, Buckinghamshire. Almost three quarters of the graves contained high quality grave goods, suggesting the site was the final […]