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The Amesbury Archer 20 Years On

Wessex Archaeology have published an interesting article “THE AMESBURY ARCHER: 20 YEARS ON” with some recent posts and news items from the past when Wessex Archaeology excavated the grave of a man who became known […]

Roman wooden figure uncovered in Buckinghamshire

An early Roman rare wooden carved figure has been discovered during work on the HS2 project. In July 2021, archaeologists from Infra Archaeology, working for HS2’s contractor Fusion JV, removed the well-preserved figure from a […]

Salisbury Sites 40 years of Wessex Archaeology excavations

Wessex Archaeology have posted an interesting news article “Salisbury Sites: 40 years of Wessex Archaeology excavations”. “Since 1980, when an embryonic Wessex Archaeology was formed, archaeologists have been recovering information about Salisbury. Not much is […]

The History of Wessex Video

Interesting map video – The History of Wessex by Ollie Bye on You Tube. “Around 495 CE, a Saxon chieftain named Cerdic arrived in Britain, and by 519 CE had established the Kingdom of the […]

Origin of Stonehenge Sarsen Stones Discovered

The origin of the giant sarsen stones at Stonehenge has finally been discovered with the help of a missing piece of the site which was returned after 60 years, reports the BBC. “A test of […]

Anglo-Saxon Buildings Found Under Bath Abbey

Buildings found during excavations at Bath Abbey are the first Anglo-Saxon stone structures to be identified within Bath, and may belong to the monastery where Edgar was crowned as first King of England. Wessex Archaeology […]