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Woodhenge Durrington Walls

Woodhenge is a Neolithic henge and timber circle monument site, built about 2300 BC, located in the Stonehenge World Heritage Site. It is located 2 miles (3.2 km) north-east of Stonehenge in the parish of Durrington, just north of Amesbury, Wiltshire

Woodhenge Durrington WallsWoodhenge was discovered in December 1925 by Squadron Leader Gilbert Insall, VC, from the air, as a series of cropmarks. It was then excavated by Maud and Howard Cunnington between 1926-28. The site was originally known as Dough Cover.

There are six concentric rings making a total of 168 post holes. The rings are oval-shaped, with the longer axis pointing towards the winter and summer solstice. The positions of the postholes are marked with concrete posts.

The circular bank and ditch surrounding the rings covered an area measuring 360 feet (110 metres) in diameter overall with a single entrance to the north-east.

Pottery from the site has been identified as being the grooved ware style of the middle Neolithic, although later Beaker sherds were also found.

Woodhenge, Wiltshire, SP4 7AR
Map Ref: SU1505043376 Landranger Map Number: 184 Explorer: 130
Latitude: 51.189413N Longitude: 1.786029W


Woodhenge Durrington Walls

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