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Ancient Wessex News and Information

5,000 Year Old Engraved Chalk Plaques Found near Stonehenge

Four rare Late Neolithic chalk plaques from the Stonehenge region have been subjected to non-invasive Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) technology in a new study by experts from Wessex Archaeology, which has shed light on previously unseen artistic elements used during the ‘golden age’ of Neolithic chalk art.

The plaques are considered by archaeologists to be among the most spectacular examples of Prehistoric engraved chalk in Britain. Discovered between 1968 and 2017 within 5km of one another in a cluster around Stonehenge, they have been the subject of extensive study – most notably Plaques 1 and 2 found during the A303 road-widening in the Chalk Plaque Pit in 1968.

More information: Wessex Archaeology

Upper faces of all plaques Wessex Archaeology

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