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Ancient Wessex News and Information

Late Bronze Age settlement excavation at Bitham Park Wiltshire

Wessex Archaeology has carried out an excavation of a Bronze Age settlement at Bitham Park in Wiltshire.

“Wessex Archaeology was commissioned by RPS Consulting Services Ltd on behalf of Barratt David Wilson Homes to undertake a large-scale excavation as part of a planning condition for a housing development at Bitham Park, Westbury, Wiltshire.

The excavation revealed some spectacular archaeology, which showed that the site had been in use by communities for thousands of years. Evidence from the Bronze Age was particularly rich, with a field system, ring ditch and a unique ‘palisaded’ site around a central roundhouse. By analysing the archaeological remains, our experts have built up a picture of a small, related community living alongside an intriguing palisaded site.

A series of trackways was established in the Romano-British period, the layout of which appeared to have influenced the organisation of subsequent medieval and post-medieval field systems.”

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Ring ditch and field systems

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