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Ancient Wessex News and Information

Wessex Archaeology Recording Experiment at Bulford

In late 2015 Wessex Archaeology started the excavation of a large Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Bulford which presented the opportunity to carry out some tests to investigate the best, most cost-effective and efficient way to record burials.

The WA Geomatics team, Damien Campbell Bell and Karen Nichols wanted to understand the differences and economic viability of some of the most popular techniques on the market: geo-rectified photography and photogrammetry.

Using a Leica Netrover Viva GPS and a Pentax K50 digital SLR camera for the photogrammetry and the geo-rectified photography. Additional accessories included a ladder and lots of targets. The type of camera, used (a Pentax K50) is a weather-resistant digital SLR camera with approximately 16.49 Mega pixels and mounting 18-55 mm lens.

Photogrammetry can produce a 3D model using a set of photos taken from every angle of the subject. With the Pentax K50 we took approximately 23 photos for each grave; the shots were taken all around the grave cut, on top and at the sides aiming to get complete coverage. These photos were later post-processed to obtain a photogrammetry 3D model.

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