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Ancient burials found at Somerton Somerset

Archaeologists working on the Somerset County Council-owned, land at the site of a new school have discovered some 50 burials dating from the Roman period (43-410 AD) on the site of the new school that will replace the current schools.

The burials were of adults and children and included grave goods such as pottery and brooches.

The South West Heritage Trust has overseen the excavations and archaeologist Steve Membery said: “This site is a significant discovery – the most comprehensive modern excavation of a Roman cemetery in Somerset.

“The application of technology including aerial drones and techniques such as isotope and ancient DNA analysis offers major opportunities for insights into the lives of the Roman population of Somerton”.

The form of the burials is unusual locally and sheds lights on the transition between Iron Age and Roman society.

“The individuals were evidently of some status in native society”, said Mr Membery. “The burials also show early adoption of Roman burial practices, such as offerings, alongside traditionally Iron Age characteristics.”

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